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About US

Our story begins 24 years ago, in San Francisco, when a dream was born. An inspiration to bring special meaning to every gift we create. From a simple I love you written in a scarf, to a bonvoyage crafted bracelet, every one of our pieces is mean to touch your heart, is mean to celebrate your soul.

Throughout the years we have created so many special gifts, from thousand of gold and red scarves for our city's sports team championship celebration, to a cute little set of two rose quartz necklaces for our neighbor's twins, no order is to big or to small.

Our compromise to you is to be sure you are always satisfied, if it is by sourcing for a special color of shawl to match your event, or creating a custom charm for your yoga shop, our goal is to make you enjoy the process and celebrate with you the end result. 

Come tell us your story, talk to us about it and let us create that special gift you being looking for.

MiaKrafts always here for you!